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Tracey Mitchell

Danny and I have been training together for over 2 years. He is a wonderful trainer who has helped me through a terrible injury. Due to his efforts, I am much stronger and my balance and flexibility have improved. I am even more toned. Danny keeps me focused and motivated with new exercises and a positive attitude. Danny is a person who loves what he does and is constantly learning and researching new techniques for his sessions. Danny has taught me that training is not just hard, with the right person it can be fun too!

Giuseppe Libri


I have been working out with Danny for 1.5 years now. He has good knowledge of body’s muscular system, how it works, how to grow it and keep it fit. He always keeps the training session new so I never feel bored. After all, I feel better after every training. I would recommend Danny to everyone.

Karen Knoblock

I met Danny at a time I was feeling discouraged about my fitness progress. Danny has been my inspiration, both in developing a fitness program customized to my goals, and overall sense of well being. My goals are to continue to loose weight and strengthen my core. Under Danny’s guidance, I have lost another 10 kilos and with every session I feel stronger. And, it’s noticeable! I have and would recommend Danny to my family and Zumba friends. I like that Danny pushes me beyond where I think I can go, and I love his “way of counting”.

Jamie Morton

deVere Group

I moved to Vietnam nearly 3 years ago and after 2 months of no exercise and too much food I knew it was time to get a personal trainer. I have been working with Danny for around 2 and a half years now, I would gladly recommend Danny and constantly sing his praises. Danny always has a smile on his face and is more than happy to give his advice be it on correct posture, training or dieting to reach my set goals.

Ina Stas

For me it is the first time I have engaged myself to comiting to a sportschedule with a personal trainer. At the beginning I was a bit reluctant to believe it would really help my all around physical condition. I want to improve the strength of my upperbody and I am very impatient. I expected to go home with muscle pain and would feel like a mini Rambo ☺ but I did not feel like that, I felt more like after power yoga or pilates…but then different… I must say that now after 4 months of training with MR Danny Duong I am more than very pleased, He works in a very personal way meaning he will adjust his excercice schedule to the needs of my body. I always feel warm and good when leaving the training. I feel it is a treat to my body and it is better to go slow but surely than to force and not get a real profound result. I can advise mr Danny to anybody who is looking to work on a better lifestyle and support this by giving your body a treat by doing the right exercises.

Vijver Bas de van

For more than 1 year Mr. Danny Duong of Saigon Fitness is my personal trainer with whom I exercise several times a week if my work allows. As in general I do not like fitness exercise, but as my body needs it, to make sure I would exercise and do nothing stupid I agreed with Danny to be my personal trainer. During the last year I have experienced Danny to be a good trainer and friend as the sessions have a positive effect and are always satisfying even though I do not like fitness. Also Danny showed improvement as personal trainer during the sessions as he regularly attends fitness classes to be up to date with the latest developments and techniques which benefit his clients. Overall I would recommend Danny to my friends/family as a personal trainer to improve their fitness as it benefits me a lot.

Alessia Errera

Eni Vietnam

I worked with Danny in 2014 during my exact contract in Vietnam. Danny is a great personal trainer: he created for me a perfect training plan evaluating my needs after a couple of injuries I had. His training schedule is always different and you can never be bored during the training. I definitely recommend him to anyone really caring about his own health.

Avi Raz

I started training with Danny half a year ago and I am very happy with both Danny’s training style and the results! All of my key measurements have improved and I feel strong and healthy. Danny is a professional that knows how to customize an individual training program that will fit your goals. Danny knows how to push me to my limits and at the same time not to cause any injuries. This trust enables me to push myself during training without holding back …!

Heather Alvarez

I saw Danny of Saigon fitness for over a year till an injury forced me to stop. He was extremely patient, we progressed at a speed that was acceptable to me and he knew when to push me when I didn't feel like I could do any more. He was aware of a shoulder injury and through gradual exercise it completely disappeared. The exercises were varied so it wasn't boring and all in all I felt much better physically when I was seeing him. I would Highly recommend Saigon Fitnesss.

Craig Connolly

I’ve been working in Vietnam as an expat for the last 11 months and have been using Danny as my personal trainer over the last 4 months. I have found Danny to be punctual, customer focused and have a genuine interest to improve my basic fitness. The program varies over time to prevent boredom of the same routine. I’ve been very pleased with the improvement of my general heath over the last months as confirmed by my recent check up

Derek Grundy


My experience with Danny at Saigon Fitness has been excellent. He is a very personable guy who makes you feel comfortable. As a former collegiate athlete, I was looking for an extra push. Danny has been able to help me feel good again without the risk of injury. He has a great gradual system which allows you to push yourself steadily throughout the program and see very quick results. He is a man of high character and I would highly recommend his services.

Scott Manchuk

Danny has been a fantastic trainer! I’ve been working with him 5 days a week and have seen results after only 2 weeks! He constantly changes the routine so we are not doing the same thing everyday. He is very knowledgeable and can design a routine to quickly improve your weak areas and keep you full of energy. I would highly recommend him. Start today!!!